Underwater Rugby Introduction

What is Underwater Rugby?

Underwater Rugby is a three dimensional, fast-paced contact sport played in a 3-5 meter deep pool. The game involves two teams of six players, two goals at the bottom of the pool and one slightly heavy ball (filled with salt water) that can be passed in any direction.

Players wear a mask, snorkel, fins and cap. They attempt to gain possession of the ball in order to score, while avoiding being tackled by the other team. You can only be tackled while holding the ball, so don’t worry about being held under! It is illegal to be violent (i.e. punch or kick) or grab equipment. Many players stay underwater for only 10-20 seconds, and positioning is far more important than a long breath hold. No need to be an athlete to play.

There are three main positions: forward, back and goalie. Pairs of players work together in each position, alternating so that there is recovery time, and each player also substitutes frequently with another player on land during the game. Games have two 15 minute halves.

It’s all about outsmarting the opponent using manoeuvrability, skill, teamwork and speed.

Reference: Fritzhar - Own work, CC BY 3.0.

Contact Details

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We run come and try nights every two months, with particular support for females interested in getting involved. You can come and give the sport a go at any time and don’t need to wait for one of these.