Life Members

These members have given outstanding service to the club:

Year Surname Name
2016 Moore Philip
2003 Walker Mostyn

Philip Moore was also recognised for his service to both AUSC and AU Hockey Club by AU Sport. An article of his achievements can be read on AU Sport's website.

AU Sport Blues

AUSC is proud to promote previous AU Sport Blues awards winners, who have had outstanding achievements whilst serving the club:

Year Surname Name Blues Type
2016 Kinasz Daniel Half Blue

Club Letters

The AUSC wishes to extend its gratitude to the following members who have received club letters for their outstanding contribution to the club:

Year Surname Name
2016 Brown Timothy
Jackman Gail
2010 Brockhouse Trent
2004 Chang Colin
2001 Moore Philip
2000 Middlemiss Blair
Murphy Timothy
Bartlett Penelope
1998 Kerr Felicity
Ottaway David
Simpson Ellie
1997 Mudge Damian
Parkinson Charles
Repacholi Stephen
Walker Mostyn
1996 Nicol Jason
1995 Barry Simon
Miller Diane
Roberts David
1986 Dall Ian
Devos M
1984 Cowan David
1983 Divito Mark
Wehr Ken
1980 Considine Tony