The clubs regularly conducts evaluations on the club's governance via AU Sport and other external organisations. From time to time, the club has also conducted surveys to its members to gain feedback, assist with prioritisation, and understand the club's image.

AU Sport Survey

The Club annually reviews its range of governance and services, and provides feedback back to AU Sport.

Name Revision Date Type Security
AU Sport club survey results N/A 2016 XLSX Membership only
N/A 2015 XLSX Membership only
N/A 2014 XLSX Membership only
AU Sport club reporting survey N/A 2016 PDF Membership only

Internal Survey

The Club has had opportunities for members to provide feedback.

Name Revision Date Type Security
Dive preference survey 1 26/09/2013 PDF Membership only
0 25/09/2013 PDF Membership only
Dive preference survey results 0.1 14/10/2013 PDF Membership only