Making a Financial Donation

Donations can be made to Adelaide University Scuba Diving Club (AUSC) via AU Sport as the registered entity, under the University of Adelaide Associated Entity Fund (UAEF).

The UAEF has been established specifically to assist clubs to raise funds through donations for the development of Adelaide University sport clubs and facilities. AUSC is pleased to receive any donation, big or small. All contributions are fully tax-deductible, on the condition that they are made to Adelaide University Sports Association Incorporated through the University’s Associated Entity Fund.

Donors must contribute unconditionally to AU Sport to claim a tax deduction, however the Associated Entity Funds structure makes it possible for the donation to flow through to the AUSC.

For further information, refer to the University of Adelaide's UAEF website page.

To support the work of the AUSC, please download the UAEF donation form listing Adelaide University Sports Association Incorporated as your preferred donee. To ensure this donation is identified for AUSC, it would be best to also e-mail the AUSC President, but only at the donor's discretion.

Recognition - Dr Conrad Williams

The Club gratefully appreciates an equipment donation made in March 2017 from Wayne Le Clercq, on behalf of Dr Conrad Williams (1970-2013). Equipment donated included a number of regulators, BCDs, shark shields, weights, and wet suits etc.

Conrad Williams was a much loved ED Consultant in Adelaide, SA. He worked at Flinders Medical Centre and the Lyell McEwen Hospitals in the Emergency Departments. More than that, he was a man who cared about people – his family, his patients, his colleagues in the hospitals, and those in the pre-hospital area, the paramedics of SA Ambulance. He was an alumnus of the Adelaide University, and had enjoyed scuba diving before life and work became too busy. He died in 2013 due to cancer.

Recognition - Mostyn Walker

Mostyn Walker was a life member of the Club, and tragically died in a motorcycle incident in early 2010. His family donated his scuba diving equipment to the Club where he volunteered much of his time to.